Ancient Martial God

Ancient Martial God

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Wu Ling was taken away, his cultivation was abolished, and he unexpectedly obtained the ancient secret realm, thus stepping on the mortal realm and breaking through the ancient divine realm with his sword... A generation of ancient martial gods, the direction of their sword is unbeatable. God block, kill God! Demon resistance slays demons!

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Chapter 2400: Once Legendary Figures
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Chapter 1: Lingyu JiChapter 2: The Ancient Secret RealmChapter 3: Waste Senior BrotherChapter 4: One Punch is EnoughChapter 5: Knife PulseChapter 6: Silver level TasksChapter 7: Cangshan ThiefChapter 8: Gathering FruitChapter 9: Tianji Temple MasterChapter 10: Transforming Sword GangChapter 14: DespairChapter 11: White Clothed GirlChapter 12: Third Rank Martial SpiritChapter 16: Divine Knife DisillusionmentChapter 15: Nangong WudianChapter 17: Powerful PowerChapter 18: Starry MeteorChapter 13: Direct SlashChapter 19: The Xiao Family in the Capital of YanChapter 20: Third Prince Xiahou HengChapter 21: Core DisciplesChapter 22: Zhongpin LingshiChapter 23: Rongyuan RealmChapter 25: Blade Soul BirthChapter 27: Da Yan Xuan ChengChapter 24: UnreasonableChapter 26: Monster Junior SisterChapter 28: Wudian Life and Death RoadChapter 29: The Sky Clock in the Virtual RealmChapter 31: Ten Rings of the Heavenly BellChapter 30: Tianluo WanfaChapter 32: One KnifeChapter 33: Innate Realm MastersChapter 34: The Lord of the Southern CourtyardChapter 35: One Person Can Earn Three ThousandChapter 36: I Also Want to Enter the Southern HospitalChapter 37: Martial Spirit of LightChapter 39: Ye XunfengChapter 40: The Five Schools of WeaknessChapter 41: Don't go too farChapter 43: Blade Qi RampageChapter 38: Blade King Without RegretChapter 42: LegacyChapter 46: Passing the TestChapter 44: Two Pole Knife TechniqueChapter 47: Meeting AgainChapter 45: Xiao Yun's Bottom LineChapter 48: The Great Protector of BingluoChapter 49: The Confusion of ChuyingChapter 50: Tianjiao BanquetChapter 53: Disposal

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