Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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The tea cup was heavily thrown onto the table, and the tea splashed slightly, spilling onto the table, emitting bursts of white air.

Zhong Li's hands trembled slightly, his pupils contracted slightly, and he stared at Chen Yue with a serious expression on his face.

He didn't expect that even the guy in front of him could know such a top secret thing.

Zhong Li even suspected that the guy in front of him was just a matter of fate, coming to knock on Li Yue.

"Don't be impatient, Morax. I think you've always been curious about my background, haven't you?"

Chen Yue restrained his smile and took it seriously, using Yin Qi to seal off the surroundings and shield the ordinary people around him.

"May I hear its details!"

Zhong Li had a dignified expression and responded seriously.

At this moment, it's not Zhong Li and Chen Yue sitting.

But the Devil of Rock and the Lord of Mount Taishan Mansion!

"I am Chen Yue, the leader of the underworld, the lord of Mount Taishan Prefecture!"

Chen Yue extended his fingers and condensed the appearance of the underworld with Yin Qi.

"The underworld?"

Zhong Li cooperated and became a comedian.

"Judge good and evil, manage reincarnation, soothe living beings, and save the souls of the dead!"

"These are the responsibilities of the underworld!"

"You should also be able to feel that the world has already engraved the laws of reincarnation."

"Tianli is your enemy, and similarly, it is also my enemy!"

"As for walnut, it also became the first ghost of the underworld!"

Chen Yue continued to speak.


Zhong Li finally came to his senses from a pile of information and grabbed what he was most interested in.

"That's right, there are ghosts and gods in the underworld system. As long as I am willing, anyone can be granted the title of god!"

"Live people can do it, even dead people can do it!"

"After being granted the title of 'ghost god', ghosts can regain their consciousness and walk out of the place where yin and yang intersect."

Chen Yue wore a smile on his face. As long as Zhong Li had doubts and desires in his heart, Chen Yue could leave seeds in his heart.

This is not how superb Chen Yue's rhetoric is, it's just pure profit!

Sure enough, a trace of nostalgia appeared in Zhong Li's eyes.

The dead demon god of dust, the four great forks of the night, the True Lord of Qixia in the Minghai, and the Innocent Lord of Yixiao

You should know that these people are either his close friends or capable subordinates.

Among them, Gui Gui Yuan was also a close friend for many years. Initially, the two of them admired the glazed lilies together, built Gui Li Yuan together, and held the same wish.

And others also sacrificed their lives for Liyue!


Zhong Li's breathing became a bit heavy, even if he was calm and heavy like him, it was difficult to face such temptation with ease.

"What price do I need to pay?"

Apart from the titles of God of Wealth and Demon God of Rock, Zhong Li also has a more well-known title - God of Contract!

Zhong Li naturally understands that if you want something, you will definitely lose it!

"The cost?"

"No, Morax, I don't need anything. You just need to do what you originally wanted to do!"

"Also, I would like to ask, how did you cast your divine eye?"

Chen Yue finally smiled and caught Li Yue's largest fish!

"The Eye of God?"

"As powerful as you, you don't need the debris of our Seven Gods' authority, do you?"

Zhong Li showed a puzzled expression and looked up and down at Chen Yue, only to find that he did not have any divine eyes on him.

"That's right, just a little curious."

Chen Yue met Zhong Li's gaze, shrugged his shoulders, and said nonchalantly.

"Is that so?"

"I'm telling you..."

After a while, Zhong Li explained all the principles of the distribution of the Divine Eye to Chen Yue.

"I see!"

Chen Yue's eyes lit up as the will of the world granted him many privileges, and he also had a slight understanding of the part about the Eye of God.

Chen Yue's fingertips condensed a trace of yin energy, and his mind moved.

A divine eye wrapped in black energy fell in front of Zhong Li.

Zhong Li took the divine eye and placed it in his hand.

At the moment of contact, some information about yin qi is transmitted to the brain.

Subconsciously, Zhong Li attempted to hook the divine eye, and then a light wave shot out.


This light wave broke through Chen Yue's Yin Qi shield, maintaining its momentum and breaking through the nearby tower.


Zhong Li looked at Chen Yue with surprise in his eyes.

Chen Yue raised his hand to shield and restore Yin Qi.

"How about the power of the underworld?"

"This is just a superficial application."

Chen Yue's face was full of pride, and this divine eye was his first work.

"Not bad, we haven't formed elemental combat skills yet, elemental burst."

"But even such crude use has such power!"

Zhong Li nodded in agreement. He also saw the result in his heart just now. The performance of Yin Qi is excellent, seemingly stronger than ordinary elemental power. However, now that the Eye of Yin Qi and God has just appeared, there is no great way to use it.

"It's not a big problem."

"Wait until later, this kind of divine eye will definitely have a bright future."

Chen Yue smiled and took the Eye of God, squeezing it into pieces.

He has already anticipated the skill of the Yin Qi Divine Eye and the first owner of the Yin Qi Divine Eye!

"Then I will proceed according to the expected plan."

"Liyue is no longer the god's Liyue, but the human Liyue!"

Zhong Li asked for Chen Yue's opinion.

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