Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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Fengdan, Momong Palace.

What, Villette, are you saying there's a change in the rules of the world

Looking at Villette with a serious expression in front of her, Funina felt like she was about to shatter.

That's right, Miss Funina, as a water god, you should have felt it too, right

There was a hint of surprise in Villette's eyes, not expecting Funina's reaction to be so strong.

Cough cough, that's right, Villette. I'm just testing you to see if you, as the highest judge, are alert

Hahaha, don't be nervous, this was already within my expectations

Funina instantly reacted and then put on her usual trick.

What the hell are the rules of the world changing? Can't Villette explain it more clearly?

Will this be the key to saving Fengdan?

Under the seemingly exaggerated performance, there is a frightened little girl hiding.

Until winter.

Dadalia, this time when we go to Liyue, besides taking the Divine Heart of the Rock God, we also need to pay attention to the abnormalities on Liyue's side

The lady said coldly.

What, is it the Queen's intention again

Dadalia fiddled with the sharp blade in her hand and tilted her head, asking.

Liyue Port, Xiangsheng Hall.

Zhong Liduan sat in a chair, holding a cup of tea and frowning, looking at the drunkard in front of him.

A certain troubadour didn't care at all and took another sip from the bottle.

Old man, what do you think

Suddenly, the drunkard put down the bottle and asked unclearly.

How else can we watch? Just sit and watch

The rules of the world have changed, and it seems that the will of the world welcomes those who bring about change. In my perception, even the power of heaven seems to have been given a part

What a terrible guy

I hope Liyue won't be attacked by him

Zhong Li took a sip of hot tea and said leisurely.

As the god of Liyue, he doesn't want his country to be harmed.

That's right, it's really a turbulent time. A while ago, a guy who claimed to be a traveler came to Mond, and I took the trick and sent the Heart of God to the Ice God. I hope her plan can succeed

I don't know what that existence will do to us

The maintainers have all taken action against him, can the heavens still be far away? As the seven rulers of the world, do we still have a choice

Wendy appears to be an alcoholic, but in reality, she is a sober person. The struggle for power will inevitably involve them.

Of course, there are still options

For example, join me

Chen Yue brought a few grilled tiger fish, marinated and fresh, and Wan Min Tang boiled fish into the Sheng Sheng Tang.

As soon as I came in, I heard Wendy and Zhong Li discussing themselves.


Wendy and Zhong Li's expressions turned positive, and both of them felt Chen Yue's aura. Obviously, the man in front of them was a stubborn maintainer, a man who rewrote the rules of Tivat.

That's right, you can take a look at what I'm going to do next. I'm not in a hurry to get your answer

Come on, fresh grilled tiger fish and boiled fish from Wanmintang, just right for a drink

Wendy, no, Fengshen, don't miss it

Chen Yue shook the fish in his hand and looked at Wendy with a smile that was neither a smile nor a smile.

Yan Shen, don't be polite either. Yan Du Xian is currently hot, but if it cools down, it won't be good

In the blink of an eye, Chen Yue placed Yanduxian in front of Zhong Li.

Zhong Li and Wendy exchanged a glance, unable to conceal the shock in their eyes.

They still don't understand Chen Yue's intention.

By revealing the identities of the two individuals, it is evident that Chen Yue knows them very well!

This is a blatant threat!

Seeing Wendy and Zhongli silently eating, Chen Yue smiled. Obviously, Wendy and Zhongli were intimidated by him and should not interfere with him for at least a period of time.

Profound and unfathomable, yet familiar with everyone.

This is Chen Yue's strategy. Currently, his strength is not enough to confront the principles of heaven, but heaven cannot directly strike him.

It's enough for Chen Yue to intimidate the Wind God and the Rock God. Chen Yue has his own way of controlling the remaining Thunder God.

Chen Yue turned around and left, his goal had been achieved, he didn't need to stay long.

Leaving the Hall of Life, Chen Yue touched the few Mora in his hand, revealing a bitter smile.

These Moras are still on his way here, obtained by killing some treasure stealing groups.

After granting the Black Impermanence rank to Walnut, Chen Yue found that he seemed to be able to use the power of Black Impermanence, such as his signature weapon - Soul Reaper!

Although there is no physical entity and it can only be simulated using Yin Qi, the artifact is still an artifact!

Obviously, this is one of the benefits of building a mansion.

Well, I'm a bit hungry. Let's go to Wanmintang

Although he became a ghost, Chen Yue still retained his human habits.

Inside the Wanmin Hall, Xiangling stood by the stove working, while the rice cooker spewed flames under the stove, looking like a good helper.

Watching the busy Xiangling, Chen Yue secretly confirmed the candidate for Meng Po, but how to deceive, no, how to make Xiangling approach the underworld voluntarily became a problem.

Forcefully suppressing and oppressing with force is not what Chen Yue wants. Moreover, the assistants obtained in this way are likely to be alienated and not work seriously.

In addition, although Chen Yue can seal ghosts and gods, it also requires the consumption of Yin energy. Currently, there is not enough Yin energy to restore the position of Meng Po as a deity.

It seems that we still need to squeeze the walnuts.

Hey? Do you also know Xiangling

A soft and sticky voice sounded.

A name flashed through Chen Yue's mind - 'Paimeng!'

A short white shoulder length hair, with a black blue cloak with a starry sky texture behind it, and starry blue pupils.

That's right, it's the best companion, Paimon!

No, I'm just trying to eat something, cute little one

Chen Yue smiled faintly.

Wow, traveler, listen, listen, finally it's not some strange names like emergency food anymore

This guy must be a good person

Upon hearing Chen Yue's words, Paimeng's eyes lit up suddenly and she flew to Ying to act coquettishly.

I heard you, okay, don't disturb this gentleman's thinking

Ying looked at the soft and cute Paimeng, reached out and pinched her chubby face, her tone full of indulgence.

Even though they have only traveled through one country together, their friendship has become very deep.

I'm fortunate to have met two of you. Why don't you come with me to enjoy this Wanmin Hall

Chen Yue smiled, and as soon as he saw the traveler, he thought of a very suitable person to be the King of Hell!

No, God!

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