Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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"Please! Please!"

Shen He took a sudden step forward and then tightly hugged Chen Yue's right arm, shaking and softening his voice, pretending to be coquettish.

That's right, this is the dragon slaying technique that Gan Yu taught Shen He!

This move was learned by Gan Yu through reading.

As for the origin of the book, it seems that it was given by a fox who was supposed to be in charge of Inami's palace.

Rice wife, Mingshen Dashe.

"Ah cut!"

The pink fox rubbed its nose and gave a shaky smile.

Liyue Port.

Feeling the softness emanating from his right arm, Chen Yue froze in place.

He felt as if he was lying in the slime sea.

Well, it's still the water attribute of the slime sea!

That's called a run!

This feeling is not something that a little girl like Walnut can give.

It can only be said that each has its own strengths and weaknesses!

Combined with Shen He's coquettishness, Chen Yue moved directly to Bengbu.

Seeing Chen Yue's reaction, a hint of pride flashed in Shen He's eyes.

This move, Gan Yu, can be said to have poured out all his resources to teach. Seeing Chen Yue's reaction, Shen He felt that he had clearly graduated!

So, Shen He plans to seize the opportunity and pursue.

She continued to shake Chen Yue's arm and begged.

Seeing this, Chen Yue nodded helplessly and agreed.

He doesn't want to either, but

Water slime is too moist!

Seeing Chen Yue agree, a hint of joy flashed in Shen He's eyes.

She was already very curious about Chen Yue.

When Chen Yue rescued Xiangling from Mount Aozang, she saw the situation in her eyes.

In addition, with the request of my senior sister and in order to investigate the power on Chen Yue's body.

Shen He felt happy to be able to approach Chen Yue.

As for which reason dominates, only heaven knows.

Chen Yuegeng broke free from Shen He's hard control and looked up and down at the review. He saw that Shen He's hair was snow-white and his clothes were also adorned with white.

The name of a ghost appeared in Chen Yue's mind.

"Bai Wuchang?"

Chen Yue raised his eyebrows and murmured to himself.

"Cough cough!"

"If you want to repay me, then come and work here!"

Chen Yue waved his hand and decided to endow Shen Hebai with the position of impermanence.

Anyway, Chen Yue himself is crushing these positions.

A Mount Taishan ruler can suppress the gods in the underground government system.

Not to mention a small white impermanence!

Since that's all for now, Chen Yue doesn't care if Shen He will expose his existence.

The underworld will sooner or later appear in front of the Tyrannosaurus people!

Because shallow water cannot trap swimming dragons!

The water of Liyue is too shallow to accommodate the increasingly vast underworld!

These are all foreseeable things.

Chen Yue has also made plans to expand outward, and according to his own ideas, the next step should be Inami!

Seeing Chen Yue so decisive, it was actually Shen He himself who resisted a bit.

She remembered her destiny.

It is the so-called Tiansha Lone Star that those who stay by their side will not have a good ending.

So much so that I need a red rope to restrain myself.

Shen He couldn't help but take a few steps back and stay away from Chen Yue as he thought about the tragic outcome of his approach.

In Shen He's eyes, although Chen Yue has mastered some peculiar power, it still cannot conceal the essence of Chen Yue as an ordinary person.

Once he approaches, Chen Yue will

Like my own mother, my own father?

Shen He stared at Chen Yue with wild thoughts.

Chen Yue raised his head and looked at Shen He, realizing the helplessness in the girl's heart before him.

"It's okay!"

"Even if it's the Heavenly Sha Lone Star, it doesn't matter."

"This is meaningless to me!"

"Because I was originally a ghost!"

"No ghost would die again!"

He grinned and grabbed Shen He's arm, then said leisurely.

Shen He was taken aback for a moment. He thought only the Immortal Family could accept her, but now, standing in front of her, there is someone who says they can accept themselves. Even if it's a celestial demon and a lone star, even those around them will have bad consequences.

Chen Yue's move is not really that the small headed father has controlled the big headed son.

Just seeing Shen He's gaze.

The kind of gaze that clearly means being helpless and dying, yet still unwilling to bring trouble to others.

That kind of isolated and helpless look, feeling like an outsider!

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