Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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"May I hear its details."

Bai Zhu squinted his eyes slightly, and White Snake Changsheng emerged from behind him, his eyes fixed on Chen Yue.


Chen Yue reached out and gestured for the two to enter the room inside to discuss in detail.

Bai Zhu nodded and then the two of them went in together.

Only Zhong Li and Qi Qi's big eyes stared small.


After hesitating for a moment, Qi Qi handed a bottle of coconut milk to Zhong Li.

Qi Qi can tell that Zhong Li's mood doesn't seem to be very good now.

"Thank you, little girl."

Zhong Li took the coconut milk and drank it heavily in frustration.

"Well, the taste is good!"

Not filling the interior of the house.

After a conversation, Bai Zhu tightly grasped Chen Yue's hand, as if holding his half brother.

"Oh my! Mr. Chen Yue, we regret meeting too late!"

"We hate meeting too late!"

"Art, wandering for half a life..."

"If the public does not abandon..."

As he spoke, Bai Zhu's eyes turned red, his chest heaving and his excitement overflowed beyond words.

Chen Yue patted the hand of Bai Zhu without saying much.

The obsession of Baizhu lies in longevity.

More precisely, it should be a contract with longevity.

The Bai Zhu lineage signed a contract with Changsheng.

Therefore, Atractylodes macrocephala can transfer diseases from patients to oneself.

Bai Zhu inspires to cut off the inheritance of one's own lineage in oneself.

So, that's why Baizhu wants eternal life!

And Chen Yue is the one who brought him the gospel!

In fact, this is also a small idea of Chen Yue.

Bai Zhu adopted Qi Qi in order to find a way to become a zombie.

However, turning into a zombie will cause his memory to decline and his body to become stiff.

This is all the result of the soul not being nourished by the body.

A normal person, the body nourishes the soul, and the soul governs the body.

Becoming a zombie means the body cannot nourish the soul.

This problem is completely unsolvable before the underworld!

No matter how precious the herbs in the mortal world are, they cannot solve this problem!

But now it's different!

The underworld is here!

When it comes to the study of souls, who can compare to the underworld?

So Chen Yue told Bai Zhu that as long as Bai Zhu could turn himself into a zombie, Chen Fan could help him solve these problems

As a deposit, Chen Yue agreed to help solve this problem for Qi Qi first.

Before long, Chen Yue and Bai Zhu walked out of the room.

Without saying a word, Chen Yue stood in front of Qi Qi, releasing a trace of Yin energy and exploring Qi Qi's soul.

Yin Qi quickly seeped out of Qi Qi's body, and Chen Yue quickly learned about the situation inside Qi Qi's body.

Qi Qi was sealed by immortals hundreds of years ago.

Although Lishui Dieshan Zhenjun sealed Qiqi in amber, the passage of time has led to a significant decline in Qiqi's soul.

After waking up, Qi Qi continued to live a life without making up for it, and his clear consciousness further increased the loss of his soul!

If in a few years, there is no guarantee that Qi Qi will end up with a depleted soul and die!

Fortunately, Chen Yue has arrived.

"Qiqi, wait for my brother to help you regulate your body. Don't move. After finishing, I'll buy you eight bottles of coconut milk to drink."

Chen Yue held onto Qi Qi's shoulder and whispered softly.

Qi Qi stared blankly at Bai Zhu with pale purple eyes.

Seeing Bai Zhu nod, Qi Qi turned around and nodded at Chen Yue.


Chen Yue nodded, his yin energy mobilizing all over his body.

Subsequently, a wave of Yin Qi unexpectedly converged into a black dragon, washing through Qi Qi's body one after another.

It is known that Qi Qi's body cannot nourish the soul.

Yin Qi can nourish the soul of Qi Qi.

So how should we do this question?

It's simple, isn't it enough for Qi Qi's body to become Yin Qi?

So, what Chen Yue is doing now is to use Yin Qi to flush Qi Qi's body.

Just like refining soul teasing ropes, Chen Yue is now using Qi Qi's body as a weapon to practice.

Yin Qi not only changes the body, but also nourishes the soul of Qi Qi.


Chen Yue exhaled a mouthful of turbid air.

This time he has put in a lot of effort.

Qi Qi opened her eyes in confusion, and just as Chen Yue finished, she felt a lot of memories in her mind.

Childhood experience of picking herbs, helplessness in the face of the battle between immortals and demons, pain when sealed, and extreme longing for survival!

After waking up, the way I lived and played with Yao Yao in a non mending house

"I'm back, all my memories are back!"

Qi Qi covered his brain, feeling somewhat confused and at a loss.

Chen Yue nodded in satisfaction, but this did not completely solve the problem.

Coincidentally, Qi Qi and Bai Zhu lived together, and Chen Yue had another bold idea in his heart!

Yin energy converges, and a divine position condenses.

Feng, Seven Seven!

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