Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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Standing on the top of the mountain next to the Qunyu Pavilion.

Chen Yue felt the scent of the waves coming towards him.

But in my mind, I remembered the words that Zhong Li had telepathically transmitted before.

"Chen Yue, no, respected Mount Taishan Fujun, I hope you will not disturb my children to leave their cradle!"

"As for the aspect you are worried about, I guarantee there will be absolutely no mistakes!"

"Also, please don't kill the execution officers of fools!"

"For example, some battle maniac!"

"They are also a part of the contract!"

"Once the situation reaches an uncontrollable level."

"The Rock King Emperor will appear again!"

"Please, my friend."

"This is the fate of the Liyue people!"

Zhong Li's words were sincere and meaningful.

People who have heard of it should be moved by it.

Zhong Li is like an old father. Even if he dies, he must treat death as a wonderful lesson and keep all the knowledge in his child's mind.

"Chen Yue, why aren't you leaving?"

Ying looked at Chen Yue with a puzzled expression, not understanding why he didn't go to support the people above the Qunyu Pavilion.

Chen Yue was speechless, but in his opinion, as a traveler, Ying was not considered a Liyue person.

Since this is a trial for the Liyue people.

Neither he nor Ying is qualified to intervene!

However, Chen Yue has also informed Shen He, Hu Tao, and Xiang Ling.

So, because of inviting the immortal ceremony, Chen Yue gave everyone a day off.

So, the three of them were able to quickly arrive at the Qunyu Pavilion.

Chen Yue is not worried about the safety of a few people.

In fact, after granting Shen He the title of deity, corresponding changes occurred in Shen He's divine eye.

On her original Ice attribute Divine Eye, a chain appeared that was almost identical to that of the Walnut Divine Eye.

If there are no accidents, it should also be a soul teasing rope.

As for Xiangling, there were also changes in his divine eyes,

Unlike Hu Tao and Shen He, what appears in her divine eye is a big pot.

Chen Yue speculates that it should be related to the position of Meng Po in Xiangling.

After all, in mythological legends, Meng Po set up a big pot on the other side of the Naihe Bridge to provide soup for the passing ghost Meng Po.

Moreover, according to Chen Yue's observation, as well as the sacrifices of Hu Tao, Shen He, and Xiang Ling.

Chen Yue discovered that Yin Qi can greatly enhance the power of elemental power.

If the original elemental power was only five, then with the blessing of Yin Qi, it can at least reach eight!

Up to half the increase!

I can't imagine what kind of power they would unleash if Maple Dan's Navalet and Inami's Thunderbolt General were to receive this boost!?

Chen Yue gazed alone at the Qunyu Pavilion.

As for Ying and Pai Meng, as the original protagonists in this farce, they were also driven up by Chen Yue.

However, their roles were destined to be taken away by Chen Yue's subordinates, Hu Tao, Xiang Ling, and Shen He!

Even in the Tivat continent, strength is paramount, and the winner is the king!

On the Qunyu Pavilion, everyone looked at the energetic Othello, their faces turned pale as death!

Othello's crazy howls were like a funeral bell from hell in their ears!

Even the immortal family of Liyue is at a loss.

Ningguang couldn't care about his demeanor, and his hands and feet softened, almost falling down. Fortunately, with his own will, he managed to maintain his final dignity.

"All soldiers, listen!"

"Behind us, there are the countless lights of Liyue's family!"

"I, the Heavenly Power Starlight, am incompetent. I am truly sorry to everyone!"

"But I will lead the charge!"

Ningguang seemed to have made up his mind and turned around to take a deep look at Liyue Port behind him. Then, with a sigh of relief, he said to the soldiers of the Qianyan Army.

"The thousand rocks are firm, the heavy peaks remain unchanged, the city's armor is dry, and the demons and demons are tranquil and idle!"

The chief instructor of Qianyan Army was momentarily stunned, then waved his white tassel gun and shouted loudly.

"The thousand rocks are firm, the heavy peaks remain unchanged, the city's armor is dry, and the demons and demons are tranquil and idle!"

Seeing this, the Qianyan Army behind him also waved their white tassel guns and roared out the momentum of the Qianyan Army!

Belonging to Liyue, belonging to the momentum of Liyue Qianyan Army!

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