Novel's name: Siheyuan: Late At Night, Serving Qin Huai Like Eating Popsicles

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Qin Jingru has just turned eighteen this year. In the past, she looked like a high school student or a college student who had just entered the university campus.

But at the moment, she looks slightly mature, wearing a large cotton jacket, a green scarf around her neck, and two small braids tied to her head with a red headband.

This kind of dress is quite common in this era.

"Let me introduce you to Qin Jingru, my cousin and also the daughter of my distant uncle. Jingru, this is the Lin Fei I mentioned. Lin Fei is several years older than you. You can call him Chen Ge or Lin Fei Ge."

Qin Huairu saw Lin Fei calmly examining Qin Jingru, smiled, and introduced the two of them.

"Lin, Lin Feige."

Qin Jingru glanced at Lin Fei again and called out.

"Hello Jingru, please take a seat quickly."

Lin Fei smiled and gestured for her to sit down.


Qin Jingru responded and shyly sat down on the chair.

"You two talk first, Mom. Let's go see where Bang Geng and his team went. It's so cold, they're running around everywhere, sweating and freezing is not good."

Qin Huairu gave Jia Zhang a glance.

"Yes, you guys talk, let's go outside and see the children."

Jia Zhang smiled in agreement and followed Qin Huairu out.

"It was quite a hard journey, wasn't it?"

Qin Jingru didn't answer, so Lin Fei had to speak first.

"Fortunately, I'm used to it. I also walk several miles to and from work every day."

Without anyone else around, Qin Jingru was noticeably more relaxed.

"What kind of work are you doing now?"

Lin Fei asked with a hint of curiosity.

"I work in a brick and tile factory in town, and the work is not very hard, but I don't earn much."

Qin Jingru said with a hint of shyness.

"It's great, it's already great for girls to have such a job."

Lin Fei nodded in agreement. This kind of job is not easy to find in rural areas, indicating that Qin Jingru needs to have at least a junior high school diploma.

"That's not good. I only earn ten yuan a month, how can I compare to you city dwellers? My sister can earn over twenty yuan a month."

Qin Jingru's words revealed a hint of envy.

"This is different. Qin Jie took over her brother-in-law's position. He died on duty, and this was a special treatment for her in the factory. Under normal circumstances, she can only receive eighteen yuan per month."

Lin Fei is aware of this situation and believes it is reasonable, after all, Jia Dongxu passed away due to work.

"That's quite a lot, eighteen yuan. Our family can't make much money from farming for a year."

For Qin Jingru, the amount of money is secondary, and the important thing is that her sister has a city household registration.

"She still needs to support a family of five with this salary, so let's not mention it for now. Qin Jie has told you all about my situation, hasn't she?"

Lin Fei understood Qin Jingru's thoughts and did not want to dwell too much on this issue.

"Well, my sister said that both of your parents are gone and there are no other relatives at home. You graduated from a vocational school and are now a Level 5 fitter with a monthly salary of over 60 yuan."

Qin Jingru nodded to confirm that she was 100 times satisfied with Lin Fei's conditions, not only with her, but also with her family.

There are no parents in law to support, and no other relatives to deal with, reducing the complexity of interpersonal communication. A salary of over 60 yuan is enough to support the family's living expenses.

"The situation is indeed like this, can you tell me about your situation?"

Lin Fei smiled and turned to inquire about Qin Jingru's condition.

There are a total of five children in our family, one big brother, and a younger brother below. The three girls are sandwiched in the middle, and I am the third. My younger brother is in junior high school, and what about me,

My grandparents passed away before I was born, but my grandparents are still alive. With three aunts, one uncle, two uncles, one uncle, and two aunts, there are quite a few relatives in our family.

Because I was the youngest daughter in my family, I went straight to work at a brick and tile factory after graduating from junior high school

Qin Jingru briefly introduced the situation of her own family and her personal situation.

It seems that there are quite a few members of Qin Jingru's family, but in this era, such a family size is quite common.

"Do you have any thoughts on the person you are looking for in the future?" Lin Fei asked again.

"Ah?!" Qin Jingru was a bit confused when asked by Lin Fei.

"I mean, have you ever thought about what kind of person you're looking for before?"

Lin Fei changed his approach and asked again.

"I just hope to find someone from the city who has a stable job, preferably a house of my own. Of course, the countryside is also good, but the living environment is still not as good as in the city."

Qin Jingru finally understood Lin Fei's intention and expressed her thoughts.

"Is that all?"

Upon hearing these requests, Lin Fei felt somewhat surprised.

"Well, by the way, I hope the other person is not too old, has a good personality, doesn't know how to beat his wife, and is a family oriented man."

Qin Jingru added a few more points.

"It's not difficult to implement these conditions, but since you're only eighteen years old, why did you consider getting married so early?"

Lin Fei finally understood that in Qin Jingru's criteria for choosing a spouse, urban household registration and stable employment were the most crucial. As for personality, the better, the better.

"Eighteen is not too young, is it enough for the legal age of marriage?"

Qin Jingru said with a hint of shyness.

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