Novel's name: Siheyuan: Late At Night, Serving Qin Huai Like Eating Popsicles

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"Let me ponder this matter. It's almost time for dinner, and the food at home is ready. You can come to my house and have a bite."

Qin Huairu did have a thought in her heart.

She just finds it difficult to find such people, and besides, it's not the time to chat now.

I won't eat the meal anymore. I have something else to do today and need to go out.

Take these pastries back and give them to the children. I think Xiao Dang and Xiao Huaihua really like them

"Okay, thank you then."

Although it is unclear what Lin Fei took away.

But these things on the table were enough to make Qinhuai Ru tempted.

The family conditions are poor, and the children have hardly eaten any snacks in their daily lives.

After Qin Huairu left, Lin Fei took out the things he had bought the day before from the cabinet and walked out with a few paper bags.

He said he had something to do, but it wasn't entirely an excuse. Today is Xiaonian, and the leader who arranged his work invited him to eat at home.

But it's still early, but there's no problem.

He mainly found a reason to sneak out, so as not to be tricked by the old lady Jia Zhang.

Stepping out of the courtyard and seeing no one around, Lin Fei put these things into the system space.

I didn't know who that leader was before.

After visiting Beijing, I realized that he was a big shot in a TV drama.

Speaking of this great leader, he is truly a legendary figure.

After returning from studying abroad in his early years, he immediately devoted himself to underground intelligence work. After liberation, he returned to his old profession and became the leader of the Industrial Machinery Department.

Lin Fei's parents were his subordinates back then, and unfortunately died before the liberation. It was not until Lin Fei enrolled in a vocational school that the university leaders went to great lengths to find him.

After finishing lunch outside and strolling around, Lin Fei finally went to the home of the leader.

Shortly after reporting her name, the wife of the leader greeted her with a smile on her face.

"You child, come and come, what else are you bringing?"

Seeing Lin Fei carrying something, the leader's wife's face showed a slight displeasure.

"These are all the food I bought, there's nothing valuable."

Lin Fei smiled and said.

"We can't do this again next time."

After hearing these words, the wife of the leader's expression improved, and the secretary beside her took the opportunity to pick up the things.

"Oh my, Lin Fei is here. Please come in and sit down."

Entering the living room, the big shot stood up with a smile and said hello.

"Hello Uncle Liu!"

Lin Fei politely responded to the leader.

"How have you been getting started with work lately?"

Uncle Liu asked with a kind face and a smile.

"Thank you very much for Uncle Liu's concern. The work has been quite smooth."

This statement is true. With his abilities, work naturally has a green light all the way.

That's really great. I heard before that you voluntarily requested to go to the workshop, and your aunt even asked me to advise you, but I feel that your choice is very insightful.

Your factory's mature technical work, working as a technician in the office slowly wears away the day. It's better to go to the workshop and practice real skills

Uncle Liu smiled and praised Lin Fei's workshop selection.

"I also thought about it this way before deciding to go down to the workshop."

Uncle Liu said this, it seems that he is indeed paying attention to Lin Linfei's situation, or someone regularly reports to him about Lin Fei's movements.

The most likely one is their factory director Yang.

"I called you here today. Firstly, it's almost Chinese New Year, so we can have a meal together. Secondly, Director Yang mentioned to me that he wants to burden you. Do you have any ideas on your own?"

Uncle Liu bluntly explained the purpose of inviting Lin Fei.

"I feel like I'm still young, I need to go through more trials and tribulations before I speak."

Lin Fei thought for a moment and understood that "adding burden" meant promotion, so he replied like this.

"Don't you want to know exactly what position you plan to be responsible for?"

Uncle Liu looked at Lin Linfei with a smile, curious whether he was truly humble or genuinely believed so.

"I think no matter which position I hold, I might almost get promoted. Firstly, my education is not high, and secondly, my experience in the factory is also limited. Suddenly getting promoted may not be a good thing for me."

Lin Fei sincerely expressed his concerns.

At this time, vocational school students may not have top-notch academic qualifications, but the scale of the Red Star Steel Rolling Plant is not small, and those who are promoted by one level are serious cadres.

"What are your plans in mind?"

Uncle Liu nodded in satisfaction and continued to ask.

"I am self-studying courses at a university, and I plan to wait until I obtain a college diploma and my knowledge level is sufficient before considering promotion."

Lin Fei confessed his plan.

With Uncle Liu's connections, Lin Fei naturally does not want to be just an ordinary worker for a lifetime.

But he also understood that one must have the ability to rise to the top, and he has been buried in studying for the past two years.

It's great that you have this kind of mindset.

Although being a leader does not necessarily require a professional background, I have always believed that being an outsider is not necessarily a good thing.

What books have you been reading recently and have you encountered any difficulties? Can you tell me

Upon learning that Lin Fei was self-studying university courses, Uncle Liu was even more satisfied. However, he wanted to verify the authenticity, so he made further inquiries.

"This won't take up too much of your time, will it?"

Lin Fei hesitated a bit, after all, Uncle Liu's time was precious.

"Don't worry, I'm off today. With plenty of time, feel free to ask any questions."

Uncle Liu waved his hand.

Today, we have specially set aside half a day to thoroughly examine this rising star.

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