Novel's name: Siheyuan: Late At Night, Serving Qin Huai Like Eating Popsicles

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Lin Fei knew from the bottom of his heart how farmers managed their land in the later years.

"Our country is socialist, and what is produced naturally belongs to the state. From ancient times to the present, if the land is private, it can easily come and go over time, which is not good for social stability."

With Lin Fei's words, Uncle Liu furrowed his brow lightly.

"I don't mean to make the land private, the land is still owned by the state, or to distribute all kinds of land to farmers, pay enough taxes to the state every year, and the rest is up to them the final say"

"It can be said that the land is outsourced to farmers, which naturally increases their enthusiasm."

Lin Fei realized that what he had just said was a bit vague, and quickly explained it in detail.

"In ancient times, officials' land was also given to farmers for cultivation, but the land was eventually merged."

Aunt Liu clearly did not fully agree. "The times have changed. In the past, the emperor's power could not reach the countryside, and the efficiency of work was not as high. Now, our communication and transportation are much stronger than before, and the efficiency of national governance is also very fast. Things that could not have been avoided in the past are now easily handled."

Aunt Liu's words made Uncle Liu laugh. As long as the land ownership is stable and with the current state's management capabilities, the land will not merge into chaos.

Uncle Liu is right. As long as the farmers are motivated, we can not only grow enough food and vegetables, but also a lot more. In this way, some farmers can

You can come out of the village and go to the city to find work, and the industry will naturally follow suit

"In addition to this method, we also need to vigorously promote agricultural mechanization, produce more fertilizers, increase the yield of the land, and make farmers' work more efficient."

"Originally, there were ten people on the land, but now four or five people, or even just three or two people, can handle it. This can free up a lot of rural labor and make up for it in the industrial sector."

Lin Fei recalled that before 2000, the scene of a large number of farmers going out to work was not as common.

After 2000, fertilizers and agricultural machinery became popular, which made more people willing to work in cities.

"We have also considered your ideas, but terrain restrictions are a challenge, and mechanization is not easy in many places."

Uncle Liu seemed a bit helpless. Everyone understood this principle, but it's really not as easy to do.

The country has always advocated agricultural mechanization, but there are not many plains in our country, and many places are actually hilly terrain.

So, every year, the country carries out land leveling work in some places.

"If it is difficult to form large contiguous land, we can make agricultural machinery smaller, so that even on small plots of land, mechanization can be used."

In this era, engineering equipment was not yet widely used, and leveling the land required a lot of manual labor.

In that case, a different approach may be feasible.

"This is a good idea, but now large agricultural machinery is not yet widely used, and small agricultural machinery is also difficult to produce in large quantities."

Uncle Liu gave a bitter smile. Of course, his superiors could come up with this solution, but why hasn't it been implemented?

This involves the issue of resource allocation.

Even in plain areas, mechanization has not been fully achieved, and large-scale agricultural machinery has not yet been popularized. Small agricultural machinery is naturally not immediately considered, otherwise input and output will be disproportionate.

"It seems like we have entered a dead end. To develop rural areas, we need a large amount of fertilizers and machinery, but producing these things requires more factories and manpower."

Aunt Liu also found this issue quite tricky after listening to their discussion.

There is always a solution to a problem.

The population is constantly increasing, and there will gradually be surplus manpower transferring to cities, but this will take time.

There is another way, as Lin Fei said, to increase the enthusiasm of farmers and workers, and work efficiency will naturally improve

Uncle Liu appears relatively optimistic.

"Secretary, the meal is ready."

At this moment, Uncle Liu's secretary came in and said.

"Alright, let's not talk about this for now. Let's go eat!"

Uncle Liu got up from the sofa and greeted everyone.

"The food today is really delicious."

When he arrived at the restaurant, Uncle Liu looked at the table full of dishes and said happily.

"Isn't this Lin Fei here? Several of them were still made from things Lin Fei gave them."

Aunt Liu said with a smile.

"In the future, when you come home, it's like going back to your own home. Don't be so polite, just sit down and eat."

Upon hearing Aunt Liu's words, Uncle Liu also smiled.

A few people sat around, chatting and eating, laughing incessantly.

While Lin Fei was enjoying dinner at the Liu family, the Qin Huai Ru family also had dinner.


Unlike the warmth of the Liu family, the Qin family had a slightly stuffy meal.

In the afternoon.

Qin Jingru asked Qin Huairu if Lin Fei had any interest in her.

Qin Huairu said that Lin Fei was interested in her, which made Qin Jingru very happy.

Jia Zhang, who was standing beside her, was also very happy. She thought that as long as Qin Jingru and Lin Fei became married, there would be nothing delicious for Lin Fei in the future. The children would go to their uncle's house to have a meal, and no one would say anything.

Lin Fei won't have any objections either.

Therefore, in the evening, she specifically asked Qin Huairu to prepare the food and wanted to call Lin Fei to eat, but Lin Fei did not come back.

This made Jia Zhang couldn't help but doubt whether Lin Fei had no interest in Qin Jingru at all, and only said that out of favor.

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