Novel's name: Siheyuan: Late At Night, Serving Qin Huai Like Eating Popsicles

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"This is the sister-in-law of the Xu family who lives in the west wing. You met her yesterday."

Lin Fei introduced with a smile.

"Hello sister-in-law."

Qin Jingru shyly greeted Lou Xiaoe.

"I won't disturb you two talking anymore, let's go first."

Lou Xiaoe saw Qin Jingru coming and knew it was not time for casual conversation, so she stood up and said goodbye.

"Jingru, have you eaten yet? Do you want to have some together?"

After seeing off Lou Xiaoe, Lin Fei called Qin Jingru in and asked.

"I have already eaten it."

Qin Jingru looked at the small plate of beef on the table and shook her head.

I had a full meal last night and had breakfast again this morning. Although I was a bit greedy, I was indeed full.

"Then have a Tea egg."

It was estimated that Qin Huairu would not let Qin Jingru be hungry. Lin Fei picked up a Tea egg and handed it to Qin Jingru.

"I have really eaten it."

Qin Jingru didn't answer and declined.

"Just have an egg and try my craft."

Whether she is polite or genuine, Lin Fei still insists.

"Thank you, Brother Lin Fei."

Qin Jingru took the egg.

"Thank you, it's just an egg. Do you have anything to do with me?"

Lin Fei smiled and waved his hand, asking.

"I plan to go back today and come over to say hello to you."

Qin Jingru only then remembered her original intention of coming.

"You have to go back so early, why don't you go to the city for a stroll?"

Lin Fei asked curiously.

"There's nothing to browse either."

Qin Jingru certainly wants to stroll, but what's the point of being alone.

"If you're not in a hurry, I'll accompany you around after I finish my meal. Let's chat and get to know each other better."

Although Lin Fei has objections to Jia Zhang's family, he still has a good impression of Qin Jingru, a water spirited little girl.

"Well, everyone listens to Lin Feige."

Qin Jingru shyly glanced at Lin Fei and nodded in agreement.

After breakfast, the two of them walked out shoulder to shoulder.

As Qin Jingru said, there hasn't really been any improvement.

For the two of them, taking a walk is not the key, the key is chatting while walking.

"Lin Fei, you eat meat and eggs for breakfast. My mom told me that eating greasy food early in the morning is not good for your health."

Qin Jingru didn't know what to talk about for a moment, so she started talking about Lin Fei's breakfast.

"You misunderstood. In the morning, it's the beginning of the day. Eating some meat and eggs at this time can add fuel to the body. It's said that having good breakfast, having full lunch, and having less dinner are important."

Lin Fei smiled and explained to her.

"Is there such a thing to say? I haven't really heard of it, but it feels quite reasonable."

Qin Jingru didn't understand these things, but when she heard Lin Fei speak fluently, she thought to herself that she probably had limited knowledge.

"There must be a reason for it. Yesterday, I didn't intentionally neglect you. I made an appointment with an elder to have dinner at their house in advance. Don't take it to heart."

Lin Fei also realized that in that era, many people only ate two meals a day, which may have emerged later, so he quickly changed the topic.

"I didn't care, but my sister said you don't seem to have any relatives, do you?"

Qin Jingru was a little unhappy at first, but when he saw Lin Fei, he felt good. It was definitely not because the Tea egg were so delicious.

"They are my parents' friends. After graduating from vocational school, I was assigned to a mechanical station in town, and it was they who helped me transfer me back to the city. Over the years, we have had exchanges during holidays and festivals."

There's nothing to hide about these things, Lin Fei explained them roughly.

"I see."

Qin Jingru nodded and could tell from Lin Fei's words that this elder was not simple. He was at least a considerable official who could help people transfer from the countryside to the city.

"Fresh pork, selling pork!"

Suddenly, a loud shout came.

"Lao Zheng, cut me two pounds of meat."


"Why so much lean meat!"

"Isn't having too much lean meat good?"

"Lean meat doesn't taste good, don't talk too much, try some more fat!"

"You're really ignorant. Hey, Lin Fei, do you want lean meat?"

The pork stall owner looked at the person disdainfully and immediately noticed Lin Fei, warmly greeting him.

"Yes, Uncle Zheng, keep it for me and come back to pick it up."

Lin Fei responded.

"Alright, you're busy with your work first!"

Mr. Zheng saw Qin Jingru beside Lin Fei and gave him a thumbs up.

"Lin Fei, why do you only want lean meat? Fatty meat smells so delicious."

Qin Jingru listened to their conversation with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Eating too much fat is not good, as having too much fat can easily lead to weight gain."

Lin Fei casually replied, feeling a bit like showing off after speaking.

These days, ordinary families cannot eat meat frequently. Those with slightly better conditions can eat every three to five meals, which is considered good.

For those with poorer conditions, they will only buy a small amount during the Chinese New Year or when there are guests at home.

"Our family only eats those a few times a year, how could we possibly eat too much?"

As expected, Qin Jingru said with a hint of envy upon hearing these words.

"Don't worry too much, I live alone and my life is a bit wasteful."

Lin Fei said a bit embarrassed.

"It's okay, your salary is so high, it's only natural for you to have a good life."

Qin Jingru smiled, it seemed that her cousin had indeed introduced herself to a good partner.

She can eat beef and eggs in the morning, and often buys meat. She can even get tired of fatty meat, and she dreams of living a life where she gets tired of eating meat.

With this in mind, Qin Jingru decided to take the initiative and said, "Lin Feige, what do you think of me as a person?"

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