Novel's name: Siheyuan: Late At Night, Serving Qin Huai Like Eating Popsicles

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"What are you talking nonsense about? Who went out with Mrs. Wang?"

As soon as these words were spoken, Jia Zhang's face sank and her voice rose a few more degrees.

"I'm talking nonsense? When you went out, you saw several people in the yard."

The old lady said disapprovingly.

"I saw with my own eyes that Aunt Jia was walking with Wang Pozi."

"I saw it too, but we saw them walking together to find Butcher Zheng!"

"Um... is Wang Po Zi going to act as a matchmaker for Aunt Jia?"

"Is it really fake?!"

I heard there is still gossip to dig, and everyone got excited.

"Alright, don't mention anything unrelated. Since everyone says you're not at home, neither are Bang Geng and others. Qin Huairu, please call Bang Geng over and we'll ask for clarification."

An old man heard everyone talking about Aunt Jia, gave her a complicated look, and then said.

"Oh, you guys are really shameless, bullying us orphans and widows! Dongxu, look, it's only been two years since we left, and these people have started bullying us!"

As soon as she heard that she was going to call her grandson out, Jia Zhang immediately sat on the ground and opened her throat, crying and shouting.

"Jia Zhang, what are you doing? If you have something to say, speak it out and roll around like that!"

The second uncle was so angry that his face was trembling with flesh.

"Why is my life so hard? I was widowed in my twenties, and now my son is gone. You still have to bully my grandson. God doesn't have eyes!"

Jia Zhang ignored him and continued to cry and make noise.

"Alright, would you be so reckless for a chicken?"

Seeing that Jia Zhang was playing a rogue role, an old man felt very helpless and said to Xu Damao, "Damao, let's just leave this matter at that. Further investigation is meaningless."

"No, Grandpa, is my chicken just lost in vain?"

Xu Damao didn't expect an old man to handle it this way.

"Don't worry, I won't let you lose it for nothing. Tomorrow, I'll buy you a chicken to compensate you. Alright, let's go, everyone go home!"

An old man gave a plan, picked up the teapot, and turned around to go home.

Upon hearing that an old man was going to buy chicken for Xu Damao from his own pocket, Jia Zhang, who had been crying and fussing just now, immediately got up from the ground, patted the soil on his body, and walked without looking back.

"It's still interesting to be a master!"

"Isn't it true that Mr. Yi has always been warm-hearted!"

"Compared to him, the others are far behind."

"Just this small matter, we'll have a meeting to discuss."

"Isn't it?"

Listening to everyone praising Grandpa One, there was a hint of dissatisfaction in his words, and Grandpa Two had a very unpleasant expression.

I put in so much effort to find the real thief, but in one sentence, an old man paid for it himself.

Now that he has become Zhu Bajie, looking in the mirror, he is not a good person both inside and outside. He has been praised by everyone.

If I had known this, why did I bother to pay Xu Damao directly?!.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he had suffered a great loss.

But he didn't realize that it was precisely because of the entire hospital meeting that he was given the opportunity to showcase his abilities.

Giving Xu Damao money privately, how could such a significant effect be achieved?

"You really, a chicken costs over three yuan. Even if you help Jia Zhang, she won't say thank you!"

Upon returning home, the old lady began to criticize the old man.

"What's the solution? Everyone is an old neighbor. I grew up with Lao Jia and promised to take care of his family. Who would have thought that Dong Xu, this child, sacrificed himself for work."

The old man sighed with regret.

"You always want to do good, but I don't know if anyone will treat us like this when we get old in the future."

The old lady glanced at the old man and felt quite uncomfortable in her heart.

"I think that young man Silzhu is good. He's just picky and has not married a wife yet. How do you think of matching him with Qin Huairu?"

After pondering for a while, the old man spoke of something he had been pondering for a long time.

"Qin Huairu? Can Silly Zhu agree?"

When mentioning Qinhuai Ru, a woman's eyes lit up and she hesitated again.

"I don't agree now, it's hard to say in the future. I watched him grow up and he has some interest in Qin Huairu, but he doesn't know it yet."

An old man has a thorough understanding of this matter.

"Even if Silly Zhu is willing, who dares to marry Qin Huairu like Jia Zhang? This is not just about marrying a wife, but also taking care of three children and an old lady!"

An elderly woman also understood in her heart that the Qinhuai Ru family was a burden for five people.

It's easy to say that buy one get one free. This buy one get one free for a family of five, no one can add it up properly.

"This matter is not urgent. By the way, did Jia Zhang really go out with Wang Pozi today?"

An old man also had a headache for Jia Zhang's family, but there was nothing he could do. Thinking of this, he asked again.

"Well, Mrs. Wang, you know who she is. Butcher Zheng is in his fifties, and his son is outside. There is often no one at home. I guess it's probably because he wants to act as a matchmaker between Butcher Zheng and the Jia Zhang family!"

The old lady nodded and continued to express her opinion.

"This has really happened, maybe it's not a bad thing. Jia Zhang has left, and our courtyard is also quieter."

The old man felt a bit reluctant in his heart, but after all, it has been so long and he wants to open up.

"Yeah, what a great child Bang Ji used to be, she spoiled her."

The old lady nodded in agreement.

"This has really happened. In the future, you should take care of the little locust flower more during the day. Qin Huairu knows how to show gratitude and repay kindness. If she is with Silly Zhu in the future, I believe they will be as filial to us as I take care of the deaf old lady."

The old man never forgot to remind his wife.

"I understand, I also quite hurt this girl."

A mother naturally knows the right balance. The couple has been taking care of the deaf old lady with great care over the years, just to set an example for Silly Zhu.

They have confidence that silly pillars will provide them with retirement.

Not to mention anything else, this child has a good heart, and over the years, they have also accumulated a lot of savings.

With all these years of accumulation, Foolish Zhu will also treat them well.

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