Novel's name: Genshin Impact: Build A Prefecture With Walnut Tivat And Become A God

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Tivat continent, where yin and yang intersect.

Chen Yue was caressing a transparent barrier in frustration.

This barrier separates the underworld and the yang, so Chen Yue can only look at the beautiful spring light outside the yang world and secretly sigh.

A few days ago, Chen Yue opened his eyes and found that he had passed through the world of Genshin Impact.

He originally thought he would rely on his understanding of the plot to conquer all directions, but he didn't expect to cross over in the form of a ghost. Now he has to endure and stay in the underworld.

In these few days, he has tried all the methods he knows, but he cannot cross this barrier.

And there is no theory of reincarnation in the Tivat continent, which means that Chen Yue can only stay until his soul dissipates!


Thinking of this, Chen Yue impatiently shattered the soul of a slime around him.

He was not worried that the Qiuqiu people would retaliate against him, because he found that the souls around him had no spiritual intelligence, except for him.

This is bad news again, it seems that he can only be lonely to death, without even a confidant.

Soon, the souls of the Qiuqiu people reunited.

What Chen Yue didn't notice was that the soul of the person from Qiuqiu seemed to dim a bit, and a faint breath that he couldn't detect merged into his chest.

At Chen Yue's chest, a blueprint flashed a faint light.

Then the blueprint flashed and appeared in front of Chen Yue.

Chen Yue felt a moment of confusion in his heart, then forced himself to remain calm and took the blueprint.

Variables are opportunities.

This is his opportunity, an opportunity to get out of trouble!

A faint light appeared from the blueprint and shot into Chen Yue's eyes.

After a while, Chen Yue regained his senses and stared intently at the blueprint in his hand.

Just now, he instantly understood the purpose of the blueprint through Youmang.

This blueprint will include the entire underworld. As long as the so-called Yin Qi is consumed, the underworld can be rebuilt!

The source of yin energy is also very simple, which is to send the ghost to reincarnation, and at that time, the ghost's entire body of yin energy will remain in the underworld.

The more perfect the construction of the underworld, the stronger its power will become.

To a certain extent, it's not a problem to transform Yin into Yang. His soul, body, and body are all within Chen Yue's mind!

In addition, he can also seal ghosts as ghosts and gods to help build the underworld and restore the underworld system, which means he can find laborers to work.

Chen Yue looked at the blueprint, which vividly depicted the Ghost Gate, Naihe Bridge, Forgotten River, and Huangquan Road It's just a map of the underworld!

Among these buildings, only one ghost gate is emitting light.

Without hesitation, Chen Yue infused his whole body with Yin energy into the map of the underworld. A towering pass on the map emitted bursts of brilliance, and its appearance became even more vivid.

Not long after, the Ghost Gate flew out from the map of the underworld, tightly adhering to the barriers of the Yin and Yang realms and integrating into it.

Somehow, Chen Yue understood that the laws of transmigration in the underworld had been engraved in the world of Genshin Impact.

Six paths of reincarnation, born at this moment!

In the eyes of the ghosts around Chen Yue, there was also a hint of agility.

On the Sky Island, the maintainer of the Heavenly Principle opens his golden pupils, his white hair scattered freely, and his eyes filled with shock.

She clearly felt that the world on this side was undergoing astonishing changes!

As a maintainer, she didn't want anything to happen again. Her eyes moved slightly and she waved a wave of light, hitting Chen Yue directly!

Chen Yue raised his head slightly and didn't make any extra moves, looking as if he was waiting for death!

"Oh, how dare ordinary people trespass?"

The maintainer turned their head, closed their eyes, and no longer cared about the next thing.

As the light wave approached, the ghost gate next to Chen Yue emitted a faint light, shattering the light wave while flying up to Sky Island and fiercely counterattacking!

The maintainer let out a muffled groan and glared fiercely at Chen Yue, but dared not make any further movements.

The attack just now made her realize the terror of this power!

Moreover, the man didn't even move, as if the attack just now was all from the door in front of him.

It can be imagined how terrifying the power of that man is!

Her maintainer is proud and proud, but she is not foolish either!

Such enemies can only be dealt with by Tianli himself!

Seeing that Sky Island had not attacked again, Chen Yue calmly stepped out of the gates of hell!

His feet landed on the earth in the sunlight and did not penetrate through.

He frowned slightly and looked into the sky, feeling a clear realization in his heart.

As the ruler of Mount Taishan Prefecture and the owner of the Underground Mansion Map, Chen Yue has opened up six reincarnations for the Genshin Impact world and helped the world deal with ghosts.

In return, the will of the world also granted him unimaginable privileges.

With his soul body, Chen Yue can also walk in the world like a normal person!

This is only a negligible part of privileges.

"Ghosts... how could ghosts possibly cross the border?"

A surprised voice came.

Chen Yue followed the sound and saw a young girl pointing at him with a surprised expression on her face.

The girl is wearing a Qiankun Tai Gua hat with a black bow on it, adorned with the emblem of the Hall of Rebirth on the front, and tied with plum blossoms on the side.

Her pupils are also in the shape of plum blossom. Her slender fingers are painted with black nail polish, and she is wearing a black gown with a red knot tied around her waist. She matches shorts, socks and black shoes. The overall shape is full of unique personality.


A name flashed through Chen Yue's heart, and a smile curved around his mouth, indicating that the first god of the underworld was about to be born!

"I am Chen Yue, the grand master of Mount Taishan Prefecture and the master of the underworld. Why is it difficult to cross this door?"

Chen Yue said leisurely.

Originally, Chen Yue was a handsome man who was above the average. With the position of Mount Taishan Mansion in his body, he became more mysterious and heroic.

"Crossing the border, I can actually do it!"

Hu Tao looked into the Guimen Pass, her eyes full of passion, she still had someone she wanted to see!

Her grandfather, the 75th generation leader of the Memorial Hall!

"Walnut, how are you? Come with me to see the world after death?"

Chen Yue reached out his hand to Hu Tao, anticipating that he would not refuse, after all, Hu Tao also had obsession in his heart.


The ordinary and quirky girl looked solemn at this moment and decisively agreed to Chen Yue's request, placing her hand on Chen Yue's hand.

"Well, it's truly a walnut. This little hand is amazing!"

Chen Yue's hands were hot, and he felt the soft and gentle texture of walnut's hands, as if they were woven from silk.

Holding hands, Chen Yue and Hu Tao stepped into the gates of hell.

After entering the gates of hell, Hu Tao blushed with embarrassment and instinctively wanted to pull his hand out of Chen Yue's, but he didn't expect Chen Yue to pull even tighter.

"Don't make a fuss, this is the underworld. Although the Six Paths have just opened, the underworld has been newly established, and the yin energy is not strong, it is not something that ordinary people like you can bear."

Chen Yue scolded.

Upon hearing these words, Hu Tao dared not struggle anymore and let Chen Yue hold his hand.

She was only in her teens and had never held a man's hand before. Unexpectedly, today she let Chen Yueshi do it, and Hu Tao's small face blushed to the point of bleeding.

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